About Arielle

Meet the designer

Arielle is a fine jewelry designer and expert on product development and production. Taking the knowledge and skills she has learned from her Corporate and High Jewelry jobs, she produces each piece with the highest standard practices while keeping budget and lifestyle a priority.

Growing up in pastoral State College, Pennsylvania, Arielle nurtured an early fascination with the seam between the unadulterated beauty of nature and the elegant art of fine jewelry. She began crafting her jewelry at a young age, captivating the attention of first her family and then the customers of a local clothing boutique. As her technique and aesthetic developed, so did her experience, working for some of the top jewelry houses and designers after college. 

She then continued her education in Colored Gemstones, Diamonds and Computer Aided Design at the Gemological Institute of America. After realizing the corporate jewelry world was not for her, she started consulting for private designers on manufacturing and design. She continues to educate herself on the latest jewelry technologies and utilizes her knowledge in her own designs. 

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