Custom Services

Fully Bespoke Experience

Arielle Ratner works closely with each client to ensure the bespoke process is as seamless and stress-free as possible. Whether the client comes in with a specific vision, wanting to create a piece from scratch, or repurpose an heirloom, we will tailor the process to each client’s specific needs.


Inception of Design

We will begin by discussing your goals, personal style, lifestyle and budget. If the designs are using specific gemstones and diamonds, we will curate a range of stone options for you to choose from. We will then come up with several concepts by providing sketches, 2D photoshop images, or 3D mockup sketches.

Bespoke Experiences, Arielle Ratner


3D CAD Rendering

Once the initial concept is approved, you will be provided with a fully engineered 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) and professional rendering.  This will be the final sign-off before the piece is put into production.


Wax/Metal Model

After the piece is engineered and built using our CAD software, the piece is sent to print on a 3D printer, capturing every detail of your design.  At this point, you are welcome to try on the wax model or wait until it is cast (turned into metal) to ensure size, shape, and proportion is correct.

Bespoke Experiences, Arielle Ratner


Final Polishing/Setting

This is the final step of the process. Our team of top jewelers, polishers, and setters will bring your piece to life. You will come in for a final fitting and walk off with the piece of your dreams! 

Semi-Bespoke Experience

We offer a semi-bespoke experience by selecting one of the designs from our collection. Each design can be customized by changing the gemstone or diamond, scale, and metal and carat color.