Kind words and experiences from past and present Arielle Ratner clients.

“For years I’ve collected jewellery all over the world. When I’ve not found quite what I’m looking for, I’ve sought out jewellers and designers with flair, timeless aesthetic and the ability to tell an emotive, compelling story through their work.  I’m not one for fads and trends. As I often say about my jewellery, I want to be able to wear a piece 10, 20, 50 years from now and feel confident and happy.  So, with this in mind, it’s fairly obvious why I contacted Arielle and within our first exchange, our customer and designer connection evolved into one or two people passionate about jewellery collaborating and exploring. I’ve not only loved sharing my inspiration and stories with Arielle, but also really enjoyed watching her creative process unfold. Some of the custom pieces we’ve worked on, including a daring and unconventional red coral statement ring (which is an every day piece for me), have cemented their place in my heirloom collection and I couldn’t be happier.  Arielle has captured my desire for timeless, innovative and emotionally charged work and the execution has exceeded my expectations. I look forward to many more custom projects where she turns heart ideas into wearable beauties.”

— Nidhi Dutt

“After a long struggle with fertility and feeling a little lost, I wanted to get something nice for my birthday. While reading about stones and the different energies I stumbled across the power pinky rings from Arielle. I felt so drawn to the clean yet striking design of the ring, and I loved that Arielle offered custom options for the ring. She is an incredibly kind soul, she truly listens to what you want- she made the entire experience a special one! When I received the ring, I felt like the energy of the ring resonated with me, Tanzanite (the stone I chose) is a good stone to wear or have near in situations where you need a soothing presence. I had no idea that jewelry could be such a mood changer. A big thanks to Arielle for making this very important piece for me, at a big milestone moment in my life.”

— Linda Hubbard

“Arielle makes buying jewelry so fun, comfortable and intimate. She instantly felt like my oldest friend. Her taste is impeccable and the stones she selects are beyond stunning. Wearing a piece of hers is like finally finding the pair of pants that fit you perfectly. I basically live in mine and keep buying more. Each of them can be dressed up or down, true workhorses that feel so special.”

— Jade Ruzzo

“I fell in love with jewelry starting at a young age. I vividly remember going through my mother’s jewelry box admiring all the beautiful pieces and thinking one day I hope to have a collection like hers. For many years I’ve gone the traditional route by seeking out well known jewelry brands. However, I was ready for a more bespoke experience.  I wanted something special and unique that would stand out. It was then that I stumbled upon Arielle’s Instagram page and let me tell you it’s been a match made in heaven since. I’ve now been fortunate enough to have three beautiful custom pieces made by her- an emerald necklace, a moi et toi ring and finally my latest, a serpent ring. If you love jewelry as much as I do, having a custom-made piece by Arielle is such an incredible experience. She is so passionate about her craft it is infectious. You are literally a part of the entire process from initial renderings, to stone selection until the finished product is complete. Arielle is so incredibly knowledgeable and has such impeccable taste I never worried about her steering me in the wrong direction. I always felt like she had my best interest at heart. I had such an amazing time creating these custom pieces with her I can’t even imagine going back to buying jewelry in a store. It just wouldn’t be the same. I’m already dreaming of my next piece with her.”

— Jessica Natorp

“I’m on my second piece with Arielle and know that we’ll be working together for a long time. Not only does she have exquisite taste, she is amazing at balancing her technical expertise and creativity with your vision. She’s also the type of woman you immediately feel like you’ve known for years – open and welcoming. The only thing I love more than the process is the final piece itself!”

— Hilda Lui

“A modern commitment…Ari was referred to me by a friend. I went on a deep dive into her designs on social media and I knew that she was the one who I wanted to work with to create a ring that represented my partner and I’s commitment. She was incredibly responsive and open to the idea of working with me on my ring using my mother’s original engagement stone and a new modern emerald. We had a great meeting when I described what I wanted. She was able to show me so many stones, emeralds in different shapes and sizes. We worked together to find the right shape and color and cost. Ari really understood the aesthetic I was trying to achieve.  I look at my ring every day and I’m reminded what a wonderful experience it was to work with her and how proud I am to wear my ring that represents a modern kind of love. Ari is incredibly talented and an absolute pleasure to work with.”

— Karen Cousin

“Arielle mixes old world glamour and craftsmanship with modern day design. Her little jewel box of an atelier is flooded with light and bursting with glimmering, new creations. Every time I visit, I have a piece in mind, but visiting Arielle’s studio is like walking into a candy shop – I end up wanting everything! Upon entering her studio, drawers are pulled out showcasing sparkling jewels and one, new beautiful design after the other. She has pinky rings she sells by the dozens as well as unique custom pieces- but what is different about Arielle’s jewels is that each piece has a story -the color, the shape, the size of the stones, the pearls and the fine metals are specifically chosen for each client. Whether you purchase a piece from one of her Instagram posts or visit her studio in person, Arielle always makes you feel as though your piece was made just for you- and your friends take notice too, the compliments and double takes abound! Arielle is a gem herself, beautiful, sparkling and her ideas and creations alluring. From her unique custom cocktail rings, necklaces and earrings, to the Italian made jewelry boxes- Arielle’s talents are limitless and her world of jewels and baubles your oyster. It is a utter treat working with her and her creations are perfection. Now what better eye-candy than that?”

— Lucia Engstrom